Keep up with Rental Options in California

Creating a business plan starts with identifying the costs associated with your company. A key factor involved in the plan is the expenses associated with renting a commercial space. At FH One, we work with you to provide a space in a comfortable Northern California location.

At FH One, Inc., we recognize the challenges of renting a commercial space and we offer simple online tools to help you accomplish your goals. We pay attention to your needs as a tenant and we strive to make the process of renting a commercial space as easy as possible.

Apply for a commercial rental through our online website. With approximately 500,000 square feet of commercial rental spaces available in six different properties throughout Northern California. Our website keeps you up-to-date with available rental options and allows you to apply for a space without wasting time. We also allow you to request maintenance on the property or report problems through our tenant portal as well as pay your bill.